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​Active History

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2017/ 2  Corp Sapporo Angel University x Meiji Chocolate “Angel Recipe” booklet

2017/ 2  Hokkaido University COI "Master of Food and Health" sapporo live "Change the      generations who eat to the generations who eat"

2017/ 6  Non Profit Organization Efy is established.Appointed Representative Director, Founder

2017/ 9  Started medical support activities in Nepal

2017/11 Sapporo Town Development Activity Information Support Site "Machisa"-Connecting     "Youth" and "Food"-Posted on the Web

2018/ 1  Hokkaido Development Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and        Tourism "Hokkaido Value Creation Partnership Conference" Panelists

2018/ 7  Seminar lecturer about Nepal experience in Shinoji Nishi Elementary School


2018/ 11  Japanese Croquette Idea Contest "Huscup Croquette" Grand Prize

    Appeared in HBC media news, yahoo news, Hokkaido newspaper

2018/ 11  Seminar lecturer Diabetes Prevention Awareness Seminar Lecturer in Lions Club


2019/ 2  Posted in Lion Magazine web magazine "Working on Youth Development and        Intergenerational Exchange through Food" on the Web


2019/ 3  Certified Dietitian, Nutritionist

2019/ 6  Established Shine-Hoshimi-International School in Nepal. Appointed President.

2019/ 7  20,000 "Huscup croquette" sold at all stores in Hokkaido AEON.

2019/ 7  Black Belt(KARATE) Reception Party Food Catering

2019/ 8  Seminar Lecturer Black Belt(KARATE) Sports Nutrition and Food Education


2019/ 8  Japan Agricultural Newspaper "Mirai Talent" coverage


2019/11  MISS FACE OF HUMANITY Japan representative decision

2019/12  Seminar Lecturer Black Belt(KARATE) Food Science cooking class for children

         Near Future



2020/2  Activity in Nepal🇳🇵

    Develop orphanages in Nepal, improve water and electricity in villages, develop     products using raw materials from Nepal → Create a place for villagers to earn cash → Start selling online


2020/3  Seminar Lecturer in Chitose High School Global talent Lecturer appearance


2020/4  Seminar lecturer Diabetes Prevention Awareness Seminar Lecturer in Lions Club and     Develop healthy lunch boxes to prevent diabetes


2020/5  Activity in Nepal🇳🇵


2020/8  Activity in Nepal🇳🇵

2020/9  MISS FACE OF HUMANITY in Canada

管理栄養士/食育料理研究家 坂本星美
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