Project | 01

Miss Face of Humanity2020

Representative of JAPAN

It will be held in Toronto, Canada, where beautiful and powerful women from 45 countries from around the world will gather and showcase their dreams and future project plans.
I will do my best in October 2020 as the Japan representative of this event.
Project | 02
Healthy Nepal Curry will start selling next month at Tokyo Station I produced as a dietitian, nutritionist. . Dalbhat in Nepal is a healthy soul food that is eaten every meal!
I have developed a curry that is reinforced with calcium, iron, vitamins, etc., which Japanese people tend to lack in nutrients. Please eat and taste 😊🍛

Let's care of your health and raise "immunity" 

In Nepalese villages, there are many children who cannot go to school for economic reasons, and even if they are studying at school, they are too hungry to concentrate and go out of school. The sales of this curry will be donated for lunch (¥ 20 per meal) for an elementary school (280 students) in Ramche Village, 4 hours away from Kathmandu . .
To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>
管理栄養士/食育料理研究家 坂本星美
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