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Hoshimi Sakamoto​ @料理のおねえさん

  • Nonprofit organization corporation Founder & President

  • Shine-Hoshimi-International school in Nepal President

  • Registered Dietitian/Healthy cook researcher

  • ​管理栄養士/SDGs料理研究家/アニめし

About me

Deliver nutrition to the world by eating delicious and healthy

As a Nutrition education researcher ,I want to make it possible for people all over the world to live happily and healthily, through my experiences, personal connections and networks, to solve problems that cannot be solved in each country or region. I will expand my activities around the world to support an environment where each person can become independent.


I started medical support activities in Nepal, the poorest country in Asia, three years ago.
I felt a challenge in the unstable food environment in the village. In March 2019, we established a school, 「Shine-Hoshimi-International School」 school in cooperation with a Nepalese company. and became president.

Three years ago I founded an nutrition community, it is an nonprofit organization and engaged in food education activities in the local area. Working to solve local issues through healthy eating.

I developed "Huscup croquette" using ingredients from Hokkaido and won the croquette contest. 20,000 were sold at all Aeon stores in Hokkaido.


TEL 03-5304-5565


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